Words Make The Sentence

AdSentence gives you the power to see exactly what’s working for your competitors, so you can beat them at their strengths.

Share of Advertisers

AdSentence measures the advertisment share of your comeptitors in search engines.

Average Ranking

AdSentence demonstrates the average hourly ad rank of each competitor.

Number of Ads

AdSentence indicates the number of different ads each competitor advertises.

Ad Content

AdSentence displays the headline and description of each individual ad.

Location is not a limitation.

AdSentence let you create queries for any location in the world that Google supports!
It gives you the ability to collect data from more than 98,000 different communities.

Why choose AdSentence

Understand the SEM tactics of your competitors in specific location.

See your competitors' ad contents and discover what works for them.

Adjust your ad schedule by tracking your comeptitors timing.

Take advantage of the time your competitors are running out of daily budget.

Easy plans. Cancel anytime.


Basic Plan

  • 10 Free Keywords (Limited Time)
  • Unlimited ongoing data gathering
  • Collect Data every hour

Easy 4-Step process


Create Account

Create an account with very easy Google Login.


Add Keywords

Add Keywords in your dashbaord and we start collecting related data on hourly bases.


Check The result

Return after 24 hours to check the result.


Recheck anytime

Return anytime and check accumulated hourly collected data.

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